Types of Flooring

Solid Hardwood

Solid wood floors come in almost endless varieties.

The common ones are Oak, Walnut (American, Brazilian & African) Canadian Maple, Cherry (American & Brazilian) and Bamboo floors which have become very popular over the last 10 years.


Solid hardwood floors are available in unfinished and pre-finished.

Unfinished wood floors will need to be stained and finished after installation. This type of installation eliminates the shim micro line of separation between boards that a pre-finished wood floor has.


Pre-finished hardwood floors are planks that have been pre-stained and finished and come in various colors and methods of stains and finishes such as Rustic, Blitz, and Wax finishes.


Pre-finished wood floors offer different styles of texture such as smooth, wired brush, distressed, tong and grove and hand scraped.

The top finish coat in the pre-finished hardwood floors products has between 6-10 liars of aluminum oxide protection coats in various shines: glass, semi-glass, satin & matt.


Most times, solid hardwood floors will be installed on top of a plywood sub-floor.


Easy to install, laminate comes in an array of colors, styles - and even hand scraped for that rustic look. Its fiber core board with a realistic wood-look photo on top. It's also very durable and scratch-resistant, so it's great for those who are tough on floors.


It provides the look of real wood floors for the fraction of the cost.

When you choose laminate floors, your color options are close to endless. We are convinced you'll find the look you are seeking.


Laminate floors comes in the same structure of a regular wood planks and laid down in the same staggering way but it’s only floating on top of a layer of foam and not glued down or nailed down


The connection between boards is a click system that once it been installed it cannot be disconnect and reconnected. The down side is if there is repair needed you will have to disconnect all the planks to get to damaged board and when installed back you will need to use new planks to lay back.


Laminate floor is a fiber core board made out of pressed paper in layers with a realistic wood look photo on top.


Engineered floors comes in various thickness 3/8”, 1/2”, 9/16”, 5/8”, 3/4” and they are built having 3-12 multiple ply layers which gives it a more resistance against moisture levels.


The last top layer of the plunk is real wood and it comes in an almost endless types and colors, engineered floors offer a much wider selection then solid wood products.


Also there are many styles of finishes such as hand scraped, rustic, wire brushed, distress, shine and flat.


Engineered floors will be glued down on top of either concrete or plywood subfloors.


With this method it is possible to lay aquatic foam or roll between subfloor and wood floor to reduce sound between.


When going with the unfished engineered wood floors you can make your own color and finish look.


These days a good engineered product can be sanded 4 times (most home owners refinish their floors on average every 10 years) so you can change the look of your floors as much as you like without replacing it.

We specialize in refinishing floors


We can blitz the floors or costume hand destress it and stain it with many colors of unlined die.