Refinishing solid hardwood floors is a process where the top layer of finish and stain is completely removed and the floor is brought back to its natural unfinished state. This process can happen several times depending on the thickness of the wood planks.


We use floor sanders to sand the old finish off of the wood floors, when working tight against walls, corners and doorways we will use the handheld PowerEdge sander. Both units have a vacuum and dust bag system to minimize the sanding dust left behind.


There is a lot of preparation before starting a refinishing project on hardwood floors, moving furniture to a separate location, numbering all items, covering all entrances to bath rooms, cabinets, kitchen appliances,  covering carpets & pictures with plastic and blue tape. 


After using a series of sand paper grades and using  wood putty in any nicks or gouge in the floor we remove and vacuum  all the dust from the floor, molding and walls (Any leftover of dust can and will destroy the quality of the finish coats.


The stain will be determent before starting the refinishing project, samples will be presented to the homeowner according to your vision and taste. The stain will be applied on the floor with rags spreading the stain with the shape of the grain rather than against it.


After staining we will use a sealer coat that will help ensure even stain coverage, the coat will be applied with professional applicators. After letting it cure and waiting 24 hours we will apply 2 coats of polyurethane on top to build up the durability of the floor against future wear and tare and to give the floors the desired shine.

The process of refinishing wood floors takes a minimum of between 3-4 days and is usually longer if custom stain, blitz, and distress hand or scraped is required.


Victory Hard Wood Floors specialize in all refinishing and we present all the available options to you so you can make the best decision for your home's wood floors.

Living room - Before
Living room after sanding
Living room - After refinishing
Dining Room - Before
Dining room after sanding
Dining Room - After refinishing
Hallway carpeted before
Hallway during sanding
Hallway - After refinishing
Den - before
Den after sanding
Den - After refinishing